Sustainability Starts in the Kitchen
As foodservices are one of the largest contributors to global CO2 emissions through food waste; improved prediction and real-time kitchen management prevents overproduction of foods at the high-impact, final stage of the supply chain. PreciTaste is dedicated to food waste reduction to achieve sustainability through our AI-driven restaurant solutions.
Tackling Food Waste in Restaurant Kitchens
The Issues at Large
The industry loses $25B in revenue from more than 11 tons of food waste generated yearly.
Commercial kitchens typically waste 4% to 10% of the food they purchase before it ever reaches the customer’s plate
Consumer facing restaurants and retail represent the second largest (29% of the total) source of wasted food
How PreciTaste AI Can Help
AI predicts current demand through various data points
Crews are instructed to prep/cook based on demand
Experts’ Take
“Many restaurants don’t even capture how much they’re wasting. There’s a lot more complexity and kind of navigating how much do I actually need to produce and prepare, which is not necessarily part of the intuition of an existing restaurant team”

– Ingo Stork, CEO, PreciTaste

“Many of their kitchens’ processes rely on untrained labor, largely because of high staff turnover. Predictive analytics from AI will hugely impact restaurant waste. You know almost exactly the amount of food that you would need, and it limits the amount of waste that you would otherwise incur if you didn’t have that tool available to you”

– Michael Steib, Partner, Melitas Ventures

Our Results
Less food wasted due to reduced overproduction
Reduction in food costs due to food waste prevention
AI-Powered Optimization
For every dollar invested in food waste reduction, restaurants can reap about  $8 in cost savings.
Proud member of the ReFED Food Waste Action Network (FWAN), which provides 800+ members a space designed to inspire collaboration between individuals and organizations from across the food system and from a diverse set of backgrounds.

PreciTaste’s 24/7 digital manager ensures instant labor efficiency and streamlines workloads by expediting everyday decisions through software automation.​