Station Assistant

Vision AI-Powered Food Station Management
Drive Profitability with The Most Advanced Kitchen Management Solution on the Market

The Digital Transformation of a Burrito Chain Customer​

Business Case - Station Assistant

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Kitchen Operations - Transformed

Fresher Ingredients, Optimum Hold-Times

Provides the most precise crew guidance with computer vision-fueled food level monitoring

Smarter Inventory Management

Reduces crews’ cognitive load/training with on-demand instructions powered by Vision AI

Seamless Product Integration

Precise measurements and predicted demand eliminate errors leading to less stockouts/overproduction (food waste)


Next-Level Kitchen Task Management

Demand Predictions
AI predicts demand based on various data and vision sensors measure food levels at each station
Vision AI-Powered Assistance
Screen displays precise guidance based on predicted demand combined with exact ingredient measurements
Holistic Task Management
Crew members follow screens displaying food levels and current cooking tasks

Results-Driven Kitchen Automation

In hectic kitchen environments, buttons are not pressed. Only through automated Vision AI, can a kitchen be digitally managed.

Labor Efficiency

Do with a crew of 5 what you previously did with 7

Food Waste

Reduce food costs by up to 10% with less food waste


Increase sales by 5%+

Applicable to Every Food Station

Explore our Station Assistant Applications tailored for grill and baking management

Grill Station Assistant

Oven Station Assistant

PreciTaste’s 24/7 digital manager ensures instant labor efficiency and streamlines workloads by expediting everyday decisions through software automation.​