Prep Assistant

Prep Task Management
Save Time and Reduce Costs with AI-Driven Prep Optimization

Customer Testimonial

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“In the first few days, the Prep Assistant was saving at least an hour a day. I could see the efficiency happening in real-time on the hub.”

Chef Bill Kim, Owner, Urban Belly


Crew Performance - Elevated

Fresher Ingredients, Optimum Hold-Times

Reduces labor related to prep tasks by automating prep instructions

Smarter Inventory Management

Reduces stockouts and overproduction (food waste) by recommending the right quantities

Seamless Product Integration

Increases freshness by recommending bulk prep for ingredients with longer hold-times


Ingredient prep has never been easier…

Demand Predictions
AI predicts demand based on various data, then breaks down menu items by ingredients
Crew Guidance
Screen displays daily PAR requirements/ recommendations for fresh food prep
Task Optimization
Crew members follow automated guidance on screens vs. manual instructions

Results-Driven Kitchen Automation

Labor Efficiency

Save one hour+ per day per crew member

Food Waste

Reduce food costs by ~5% due to less food waste


Increase revenues by 3%+

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