Planner Assistant

Food Production Planning
Grow Your Bottom Line with AI-Driven Production Planning Automation


Production Planning Made Effortless

Fresher Ingredients, Optimum Hold-Times

Reduces inefficiencies in cooking perishable items by digitizing food production tasks

Smarter Inventory Management

Reduces stockouts and overproduction (food waste) by recommending to cook based on needs

Seamless Product Integration

Speeds up food availability through real-time guidance on hot item quantities needed next


Production planning just got easier…

Demand Predictions
AI predicts demand based on various data, then breaks down menus by each hot food item
Crew Recommendations
Screen displays needs in short increments based on predicted demand and items’ hold times
Production Optimization
Crew members follow continuous guidance on screens displaying what to cook by what time

Results-Driven Kitchen Automation

Labor Efficiency

Reduce labor costs by an average of 8%

Food Waste

Reduce up to 68% of stockouts


Increase sales by 3%+

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