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It’s time to revolutionize your café bakery with PreciTaste’s cutting-edge AI solutions. Say goodbye to baking inconsistencies and hello to baking brilliance.
Oven Station Assistant for the Modern Bakery
Explore how our Oven Station Assistant, powered by Vision AI, ensures perfect bakes with automated error detection and real-time guidance.
Precision Baking Control
Achieve perfect bakes with precision control at your fingertips
Efficient Workflow Management
Streamline your baking operations for maximum efficiency
Quality Bakes Drive Increased Sales
Delight customers and boost sales with consistently superior baked goods
Vision AI-Integrated Oven Transforming Bakery Operations
A large grocery chain with an in-store bakery came to PreciTaste with the goal of creating more quality baked goods to increase store sales. The challenge was the amount of baking process inconsistencies they continued to see due to lack of skilled labor and attention-to-detail. With this, PreciTaste partnered with a premier oven brand to develop an integrated Vision AI solution – the Oven Station Assistant – to detect process errors and assist crews in baking products to perfection. The results were undeniable, leading to a mass adoption of the proprietary solution across stores.
Lack of Employee Training and Baking Knowledge
Negative Effects on Product Quality and Customer Experience
Repetitive Cycle of Challenges due to Labor Shortages and Turnover
Optimal Baking Process Automation with Vision AI Integration
Enhanced Error Detection and Prevention
Dynamic Energy Adjustment for Improved Efficiency
Key Metrics
of baking processes had some error (prior to PreciTaste)
Reduction of total process errors with the Oven Station Assistant

Sales increase over time post-installation

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