Elevate Your Burrito Craftsmanship with Automation
Unlock the potential of every savory wrap with our kitchen automation. Experience the future of burrito-making, where innovation blends seamlessly with taste to transform and elevate your culinary operations.
AI-Driven Solutions for Burrito Craftsmanship
Step into the future of burrito making, where simplicity meets precision. Our solutions are designed to elevate your burrito craft effortlessly, ensuring perfection tailored to your kitchen’s unique needs.
PreciHub on Duty for a Burrito Restaurant Kitchen
Boost Sales During Peaks
Predict and prepare for peak hours, ensuring optimal sales without unnecessary waste or delays.
Enhance Labor Efficiency
AI agents streamline your workforce, making every minute count and minimizing labor costs.
Reduce Food Waste
Efficient processes from production to service, cutting down on waste and maximizing profits.
Case Study: 
How QSR Customer Saw a 5.6x ROI Within a Year Applying Restaurant AI
A customer focused on serving fresh Mexican food came to PreciTaste with the challenge of keeping their ingredients freshly stocked at their front-of-house while avoiding food waste and being understaffed. Through deploying the Prep Assistant to optimize bulk prep and enhancing the solution with vision sensing, the stores implementing the system saw consistent, significant improvements in labor efficiency, speed of service, freshness and ultimately sales.
Staffing shortage impact
Freshness and safety concerns
Sales plateau due to operational focus
Automated Internal Prep Processes
Efficient Crew Operations with Prep Assistant
Vision Sensors for Exact Ingredient Levels
Predictive Guidance for Prep and Cooking
Key Metrics
Decrease in minutes of unavailable food
Increase in labor efficiency as 5 crew members performed the same tasks as 7 with our solutions
Fewer stock outs, leading to more immediate order fulfillment
Average increase in sales over a one year period
Kitchen Management Software for Any Food Category
Your restaurant, your way. We’re here to empower every restaurant kitchen!

PreciTaste’s 24/7 digital manager ensures instant labor efficiency and streamlines workloads by expediting everyday decisions through software automation.​